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Tobash Votes Against State Transportation Funding Plan Due to Substantial Tax Increase
HARRISBURG – While acknowledging a need to fund necessary improvement to Pennsylvania’s roads and bridges, Rep. Mike Tobash (R-Schuylkill/Berks) ultimately voted against a bill to make such repairs due to the substantial tax and fee increases that were part of the plan.

“I voted against adding $2.3 billion to the $6.7 billion we already spend on transportation. While I support and acknowledge our need to fund additional improvements to our infrastructure, I felt House Bill 1060 was an overreach and not the right public policy for the 125th District.

“If I would have voted in favor of this plan to fix our roads and bridges, I would have also voted in favor of uncapping the Oil Company Franchise Tax, estimated to add approximately 28 cents per gallon to the price of gas and 40 cents per gallon to diesel fuel through 2017. Additionally, with a ‘yes’ vote I would have supported increasing PennDOT registrations, including vehicle and driver’s license fees over the next four years, as well as fines on traffic violations.

“In a time where we have asked almost all Pennsylvanians and other governmental agencies to get the job done with less, many taxpayers and small business owners have told me that this huge increase is just too much for many of them to afford. The cost of many of these projects has just gotten out of hand.

“I understand the hardship that bridge closures represent. I also understand that safe bridges are crucial and that construction jobs are an important part of our economic health. We can and must get these projects done more efficiently and for less than they are currently costing our taxpayers. Many people in our rural communities commute and pay the costs associated with commuting. Adding huge increases to those costs will have them bearing most of the burden and not getting the lion share of the increased spending.”

For more information on this issue or any other state-related issue, visit or or call his office in Schuylkill Haven at (570) 385-8235.

Representative Mike Tobash
125th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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