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Grant to Assist Schuylkill Haven to Relocate Wastewater System in advance of Rt. 61 Widening
SCHUYLKILL HAVEN – Senator David G. Argall (R-29) and Representative Mike Tobash (R-125) announced a $75,000 grant through the state’s Commonwealth Financing Authority has been awarded to relocate the borough’s wastewater management system as part of the road widening for Route 61.

The grant is a piece of the overall puzzle of decades of collaboration between local and state officials on the best way to widen State Route 61 through Schuylkill Haven. Local legislators and Transportation Secretary Barry Schoch announced their final plans for the project in May. The new four-lane highway will include a state-of-the-art traffic signal as well as upgrades to the borough’s infrastructure.

The $75,000 will assist the borough’s relocation of wastewater and water infrastructure in the borough’s commercial district. The CFA’s PennWorks grant will be used to relocate water and sewer lines and replace the 8-inch waterline with a 12-inch waterline so PennDOT can widen Route 61 from State Route 183 to the Penn State Schuylkill Campus.

Argall applauded the team effort to secure these funds. “The borough’s residents and commuters are highly anticipating the move to a four-lane highway,” Argall said. “This grant will be a part of the solution to provide for under-the-road upgrades required as part of the overall plan to widen the roadway, which will decrease congestion and improve traffic flow through the community. The collaboration with the borough and state is unprecedented to kick this plan into high gear.”

“I was so glad to have a hand in making sure that Schuylkill Haven will receive this PennWorks funding to assist the borough in the cost of this project,” Tobash said. “Not only will the funding ensure that the project gets completed, but coupled with the pilot program between the state and borough announced earlier this year, we are making efficient use of taxpayer dollars. The project is critical for everyone who uses the Route 61 corridor.”

“The PennDOT Route 61 Widening Project in Schuylkill Haven directly impacts the Borough of Schuylkill Haven's water/sewer distribution and collection system,” said Scott J. Graver, Borough Administrator of Schuylkill Haven. “These grant funds will be used to help defray the overall cost of relocation and help minimize the financial impact on the utility users.”
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