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Tobash Proudly Supports Pennsylvania’s Public Pension Reform Measure
HARRISBURG – Rep. Mike Tobash (R-Schuylkill/Dauphin) joined the majority of his House colleagues in voting in favor of a meaningful public pension reform measure on Tuesday that would establish a hybrid 401(K)-type and cash balance pension plan for future state and school employees.

After the vote on Tuesday, Tobash, a steadfast proponent of meaningful public pension reform in Pennsylvania, issued the following statement:

“The vote I cast today in favor of much-needed public pension reform is one of the most crucial votes I’ve had the opportunity to make on behalf of the citizens of the Commonwealth. A vote in favor of public pension reform is a vote for a brighter, more sustainable Pennsylvania. Right now we have more than $50 billion of debt built up in these public pension systems, and we have to manage our way out before things can get better.

“If you’re an advocate for our public education system, you’re an advocate for public pension reform, because right now the pension debt we’ve compiled is crushing our schools. Our employer contribution rate is going through the roof. These pension costs take away from every service provided by state government, including our education system. I fear our students will have larger class sizes, with fewer teachers and less curriculum that is geared toward their career path and future success.

“The majority of my colleagues in the House voted in favor of a budget on Saturday. With today being July 1, the first day of the new fiscal year, it’s very relevant to note that Pennsylvania’s public pension costs are the No. 1 cost driver in our state and our school districts’ budgets. With this year’s budget proposal, we will be spending more than $1.8 billion more taxpayer dollars on pensions than we were in 2010. Without pension reform, we will be prolonging these contentious, controversial and painful budgets. We can’t merely sit back and watch while one-third or more of our school districts get exceptions to raise property taxes higher and higher. Many property taxpayers simply can’t afford it.

“I urge Gov. Tom Wolf to consider this important reform measure that has now passed through both chambers of the General Assembly. While current and state workers are grandfathered, it is important that legislators lead by example, and will be part of the lower cost plan that we are asking future employees of the Commonwealth to take. Without meaningful pension reform, the associated costs will continue to claim significantly larger shares of available revenue in every year’s state budget moving forward. Major improvements are needed to provide long-term budget stability for the future, and that is what this bill would provide.”

Senate Bill 1, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-Centre), has been sent to the governor for his approval.

For more information about this legislation, or any other state-related issue, contact Tobash’s district office in Schuylkill Haven located at 988 East Main St., by calling 570-385-8235. Information can also be found online at or

Representative Mike Tobash
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