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Establishing a Budget is Simple
While the process of establishing the state budget for the 2015-16 fiscal year has proven to be anything but easy, the way we go about the budgeting process in general is really quite simple. A budget is merely a projection of how much money there is, and how much will be spent.

No doubt, Pennsylvania is a big state with a diverse population. And some parts of the state depend more heavily on state-supported programs than others, while other areas of the state pay higher property, personal income or sales taxes, than others.

In the General Assembly, 203 members of the House and 50 members of the Senate represent their constituents to ensure services are effective and taxpayers are not paying more than their fair share. Regardless of political affiliation, everyone wants Pennsylvania to be a safe, attractive and competitive place to live, work and raise a family.

Today, the state budget is more than 160 days overdue. The idea of a strong education system that allows our children to prosper in a global marketplace, safe roads and bridges, as well as affordable taxes are all at the heart of the debate.

The cry for resolution is deafening, and rightfully so. The question is what will our families get in the final deal? The simple question becomes: Should we be growing our government bigger at a time when Pennsylvania families continue to struggle to pay their bills? If the size and expense of Pennsylvania government is growing faster than the other parts of our economy, we must look at how and why that is occurring.

If the state government is now collecting 10 percent of your paycheck, where should the line be drawn? Why should we be asking for one more penny from taxpayers, when we haven’t accomplished enough ways of streamlining government and getting it back to its core functions?

As the saying goes, when the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. The problem with government these days is the solution to every problem it creates is more of your hard-earned money. That is why we continue to fight.

I know this budget is far overdue, and I share in your frustration. I have heard the outcries from services, programs and people who need funding now to be able to open their doors tomorrow. I know our schools are feeling the pain of no state dollars flowing in, and I am committed to being part of the solution.

While the notion behind making a budget is simple, negotiating, agreeing and implementing them to ensure you are being fairly represented is not. You have my commitment to do my very best to bring this to a favorable and timely resolution that meets the needs of Pennsylvania’s residents, and strives to make us No. 1 in education, job creation, and living costs – not No. 1 when it comes to high taxes. The budget concept may be simple, but the resolution is surely not easy.

Representative Mike Tobash
125th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Krisinda Corbin
717.705.2032 /
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