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A Budget Message About Our Goals this Fiscal Year
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Harrisburg Update

A quick look at what’s happening in Harrisburg
and the 125th Legislative District...

Economic Growth is the Theme of Pennsylvania’s Future
On Tuesday, the governor unveiled his fourth budget proposal, which calls for $33 billion in spending, about $1 billion more than the current year. My colleagues and I are concerned about the overall price tag but are pleased it does not contain any broad-based sales or income tax increases. Throughout this year’s state budget process, my colleagues and I are focused on helping to clear the way for Pennsylvanians to fulfill the American Dream through a great education, good-paying jobs and careers, and safe and secure homes and communities.

This year, our budget focus must concentrate on how we are going to grow the Commonwealth. The goal for Pennsylvania’s future is economic growth. Pennsylvania benefits when the state’s economy grows, and everyone shares in the success.

The success we are in need of does not occur when you work within a budget process that puts the cart before the horse – or in our case – puts the spending in front of what we collect. The state budget process needs to begin like the budgeting that occurs in households across the state. Taxpayers have a good idea of how much money will be coming into their homes, and they try not to spend more than that; it’s that simple. We should be leading by example in this regard.

To grow our future workforce, we need to continue to connect our education system with the skills and knowledge our job creators are looking for. We have a skills gap in our state and we are considering several bills right now to make this vital connection to grow our economy from the workforce perspective. Student and economic success in our state is achieved through applicable learning and effectively applying much-needed skills.

Unfortunately, the welfare cushion in Pennsylvania too often encourages people to choose welfare over work. I am sponsoring a bill that deals with improving our food stamp program. The bill says that people who are able-bodied, without dependents, between the ages of 18 and 49, who are capable of working should be working as opposed to choosing to be on a welfare program over a good job. We need these individuals in working roles to help ensure our economy grows. We have a system right now that does not always offer an incentive for people to do more, but rather rewards them for doing the minimum. We want Pennsylvania workers to earn more at a job than they do on a welfare roll.

If we can effectively connect education and job creation, focus our welfare programs on those citizens who are truly in need, and change burdensome over-regulation to ones that are simple and meaningful, Pennsylvania and its citizens will win.”

Hearings on the budget proposal are slated to begin the week of Feb. 20. More information about the proposal is available at

Sign up Today for the Concealed Carry Seminar

In an effort to provide education to interested resident about Pennsylvania's firearms and self-defense laws, I am hosting another Concealed Carry Seminar. Reidents of the 125th District must register in advance for this event by calling 570-385-8235 or completing an online form at The presentation and discussion will be led by Matt Manges Esq. from Trinity Law in York. Click here to sign up online.

Reel Them In: Trout Stocking Starts Soon
To find out when your favorite fishing spot will be stocked with trout from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, stocking schedules are now available in print, online and on the commission’s FishBoatPA mobile app.

The commission plans to stock 3.2 million adult trout in more than 720 streams and 126 lakes open to public angling each year. These figures include approximately 2 million rainbow trout; 640,000 brown trout; and 500,000 brook trout. The average size of the trout produced for stocking is 11 inches in length. The statewide opening day for trout season is Saturday, April 14, but a regional opening day in 18 southcentral and southeastern counties is set for Saturday, March 31. Click here for a list of those counties.

Additionally, the commission will host Mentored Youth Trout Days on Saturday, March 24, for those same 18 counties and Saturday, April 7, statewide. Last year, more than 30,000 kids signed up to participate. Youth under the age of 16 can join a mentor (adult) angler who has a current fishing license and trout permit to fish for trout the Saturday before the regular opening days. Youth anglers must obtain a mentored youth permit or voluntary youth fishing license as well. Click here for more information about the program. For more information about fishing licenses or regulations, or to check the online stocking schedule, click here.

Turnpike Commission Offering Summer Jobs
The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is accepting applications for toll collector, maintenance, clerical and engineering positions.

Toll collectors must be available to work any of the three shifts over a 24-hour period, including weekends and holidays. Employees will work a 40-hour week and will not receive benefits. The pay is $11.50 per hour for toll collectors and $11 per hour for other positions.

All eligible candidates must be at least 18 years of age and completed a secondary education program such as high school or GED at the time of hiring. The program is limited to 16 weeks per employee and runs between May 1 and Sept. 30. Those who participated in the program previously must re-submit an application for consideration.

All applications MUST be submitted online at, and applications should select “SUMMER WORK” in the first step of the registration process. Copies of online applications should be sent to my Harrisburg office by Friday, April 6.
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